Boat davits and heavy marine cranes of Expom from Kurzętnik were nominated for the "Teraz Polska" Emblem. For over twenty years the competition jury selects a group of products and services which distinguish themselves on the market owing to their quality, functionality and process assets.

Ship davits are one of the flagship products of Expom. They constitute a special reason for pride for our company, mainly due to their intended use - installed on ships and off-shore platforms they are used for lowering the lifeboats in case of a marine disaster. Davits from Kurzętnik are shipped to the shipyards all over the world, among others, in the North Sea basin and Dubai. The second product of the company, nominated in the "Teraz Polska" competition is heavy marine cranes which are used at ships, ferries and off-shore platforms. The smallest ones are capable of lifting a few hundred kilograms, and the biggest units lift the load of a dozen or so tons. Over 140 heavy cranes and a few hundred boat davits have been manufactured by Expom so far. Export constitutes 98% of the company turnover.

Bearing in mind the scale of the project and the quality of services offered by Expom, the fact that the production of boat davits and heavy marine cranes is in the group of 16 highest ranked services in Poland and was awarded the nomination for the "Teraz Polska" Emblem does not come as a surprise. As the CEO of Expom S.A., Rafał Domżalski, is saying – this is a huge mandate of trust for the future and the reason for pride as the "Teraz Polska" Emblem recognizable by all Poles has become over the years the brand in itself and constitute the confirmation of the quality of our products.

In the "Teraz Polska" competition products characterized by the highest level of performance and business ethics have been selected for twenty years. This is the first non-commercial business competition which was created to set appropriate models of business organizations and to distinguish valuable Polish products.

Experience, the key to success

In the Expom head office in Kurzętnik, at the area of 6500 m2, five production halls and a technology park are located. The company deals with the production of technologically advanced equipment for the needs of the power industry and the marine industry. The company is also one of the largest employers in the region and it employs ca. 200 people and 100 more are in close cooperation. The quality of products and services of the company is impacted not only by their long-term experience but also the employees' competence. Therefore, using 60-year achievements, the company currently records dynamic development and welcomes the trust of customers from all over the world.

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