50 ton crane HSC 700 executed in Expom S.A.

In January 2014 thorough tests of a large-dimension marine crane HSC 700 - executed as a complete product in Expom, in Kurzętnik - were completed.

Successfully performed tests crown the over three-month structural-production work processes.

The above mentioned crane is a unit with the weight of 55 tons and the total height of the structures mounted for tests amounts to nearly 40 m.

In order to safely manufacture such a great marine crane and perform dynamic tests of the crane, a design office was employed to test the structural possibilities of the existing static and dynamic test station. The tests confirmed that the staff working at tests are safe.

The station was additionally modified, which increased its capacity for the future.

Welding works of special kinds of steel, for which additional and costly licenses had to be obtained, constituted another challenge.

During tests the conditions present at the platform in Dubai, where the "GIANT of Kurzętnik" will be finally installed, were simulated.

The lifted weight which was presented at the tests amounted to 18,75 tons, with the occurrence of dynamic moves, which at the arm length of over thirty meters causes great structural tensions.

After the performance of the positive test with the participation of the Client and the Classification Society, the unit is sent, with oversize transport, on a few trucks, to Hamburg in northern Germany.

And from there it will go on a three-week cruise to the final destination.

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