Changes in Expom S.A. – new painting and drying booth

The latest purchase of Expom Company – a painting and drying chamber –constitutes a sealed room separated by insulated, fire-resistant walls. The investment will increase the production capacity of a paint shop, so far the least efficient component of the production process.

Owing to the purchase of a SCITEEX DIANA PB-DB 1855 booth, in terms of technology, Expom is on par with global leaders. The booth is equipped with, among other, good supply ventilation, its own heating system and control of ventilation and heating system subassemblies allowing for both, painting and drying.

Basic technical parameters of the booth are:

  • inside dimensions: 18,0 x 5,0 x 5,0 m,
  • horizontal ventilation – air velocity ≈0,5 m/s,
  • supply ventilation and heating unit - capacity 40 000 m3/h, heating capacity/motor power = 270/15 kW, heating medium – liquefied gas propane - 1 unit,
  • exhaust unit - capacity 40 000 m3/h, engine power 15 kW - 1 unit,
  • rotating heat recovery recuperator (efficiency >60%) with a recuperator base - 1 unit,
  • fresh air filtering: prefilters + ceiling filters (≈26 m3)

Two main features of the booth comprise the possibility to divide it into two simultaneously operating zones: painting zone and drying zone, as well as horizontal air flow.

A sliding bulkhead wall allows for drying of ready elements in one zone and simultaneous execution of a painting process in the other. Removing the wall provides a possibility to use the whole room according to our current needs, i.e. drying or painting.

Horizontal air flow allows for painting of elements with different types of paints and colors without the need to empty the work space, provided that the elements placed inside the booth are arranged in a well-considered manner.

The use of advanced devices such as a painting and drying booth constitutes a major step forward as far as the coating technology is concerned and significantly improves the efficiency and OHS conditions of Expom Company.

No impact of external factors means no elements generating typical coating faults, such as, for example, inclusions and mechanical damage or insufficient adhesion caused by the inability to ensure suitable ambient conditions.

The increase of efficiency is mainly the result of the possibility to dry elements in temperatures reaching 60°C. Currently, a drying temperature is 20-30°C, and time needed for the elements to be completely dry is ≈ 10-12 hours. With a drying temperature of 60°C the whole drying process lasts only ≈ 2 hours.

OHS in the company also has much significance. Work in a well-ventilated, illuminated and heated place allows painters/sprayers to concentrate fully on their work, in compliance with technical recommendations and the highest level of quality. Additionally, they are much less exposed to very harmful chemicals contained in paints.

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