EXPOM has been the carer of John Paul II Primary School No. 1 in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie for a few years and it supports the school in the achievement of its education purposes. Some pupils attending the school will become the apprentices or employees of the company in the future, therefore - in accordance with the proverb "as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined" and care for the safety of pupils - within the framework of cooperation, a number of actions promoting safety have been taken up recently and are also planned for the next academic year. The OHS senior specialist at EXPOM - Krzysztof Wrzosek is the initiator of the cycle of tasks and for a few years he has been promoting the popularization of the culture of safety among children and teenagers living in Nowe Miasto district.

Within the framework of the academic year ended, the school was given a series of posters relating to the safety of pupils, which were published by the Central Labour Protection Institute - State Research Institute and they refer to such issues as: "school", "computer", "safe start", "carry less". One poster was entitled: "What you don’t learn as a child, you can’t learn as an adult.  Learn imagination". The posters were handed in at the assembly, during which the 4th grade students received bicycle cards. The pupils were also given the high visibility vests so that they can be seen during walks and bike trips with teachers. The school headmaster also received educational films published by the State Labour Inspection and Social Insurance Institution concerning safety of children in the countryside. Cartoons for the youngest - "Rodzina Porażków" and for a bit older children - "Safety of children in the countryside" will make it easier for teachers to present to children hazards at works at the farm.

School pupils were also invited to participate in a painting competition "Safe workplace" organized by the District Labour Inspectorate in Olszytn and Polish Association of OHS Services Employees in Olsztyn, the member of which K. Wrzosek is.

A number of further actions aimed at promoting safe behaviours among pupils are planned for the academic year 2014/2015.

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