Expom SA increases production throughput

Efficiency and lead time play a key role in the production of large-dimension steel structures. The Company from a small town of Kurzętnik has increased the plant production capacity owing to the latest technology – a modern Machining Centre  HAAS EC-1600.

Machining Centre HAAS EC-1600, a modern CNC machine are supposed to support production efficiency significantly. This is the first, in the history of Expom, CNC machine with an automatic tool library. The purchased machining centre will enable fast and precise performance of complicated steel elements. Horizontal machining centre utilizes gravity, allowing the shavings to fall from the equipment. Owing to this almost perfectly clean conditions of machining are obtained. The reduction of the elements' clogging with shavings extends the life of the machines two-fold. This machine tool demonstrates the ability to work well at large loads and it is equipped with spindles with ISO50 cone, characterized by high turning moment for metal removal. HAAS machining centre will supplement the operation of bigger machines, owing to which elimination of delays in production will be possible. This is extremely innovative and efficient equipment which is compatible with 3D designing technology.

In addition, this investment fits into the selected strategy of Expom management board, the objective of which is to strengthen the leader's position in the production of highly processed final goods. Therefore, a Faro Arm measurement arm, manufactured in the USA, which is technologically compatible with the previously purchased centre, also from the USA, has been recently purchased. The set is supplemented with the purchase of a new 20-ton overhead travelling bridge operating in the same production hall. A specialist from the University of Technology was employed to write programmes for 3D machining and he will help the engineers from Kurzętnik, by preparing the first applications for this machine, to implement the innovative technological process in Expom S.A.

- This investment cost above EUR 250,000. In addition, we invested PLN 100,000 in tools only. However, these are not surprising expenses to us, but logical consequence of changes implemented into Expom successively. The next investments will be the response to high requirements of our clients for whom we constantly raise the bar in the scope of production for offshore, power or exploration industries. There is no development without bold and well-thought investments – says Rafał Domżalski, the President of Expom.

The purchase of HAAS EC-1600 machine along with the recent purchase of two 20-ton overhead travelling cranes and outlays on infrastructure are the elements of an extensive plan of the company modernization. Within the framework of development of the potential of the company, selected employees will be trained in the scope of operation of EC 1600. Soon the interested clients will have an opportunity to fully use the possibilities of the Machining Centre.

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