Intense Q1 2017

In the first quarter of 2017, Expom S.A. increased its processing capacities, broadening its back-up facilities with an additional production hall located near the main production plant of the Company. The new hall guarantees the capacity to serve new projects and develop continually the business of Expom S.A. in line with the adopted Long-Term Strategy of the Company for 2016-2021. In addition to the new hall, which will increase the processing capacities of Expom, the construction has been started of a connection between a painting chamber and an auxiliary paint shop as well.

The value of projects implemented by the Company in Q1 2017 totals almost EUR 3 million. To serve demanding projects of such a size, the Company is continuing the modernization of its production plant as well, which started last year.

‘To improve the fulfilment of orders, we have taken a number of actions that will enhance our internal efficiency, both with investments in the Expom personnel, infrastructure, and the management model of the Company. Thanks to that, we can implement ambitious projects for our Clients and perform new contracts, to provide the continued development of the Company,’ stresses Rafał Domżalski, CEO at Expom S.A.

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