Record big welded structures of stator casings for electrical machines

In the period January - February 2014 EXPOM S.A. executed, for one of the major foreign business partners in Germany, two welded structures, so far the biggest and the heaviest in the history of EXPOM S.A., with the weight of 50 tons each and the dimensions of approx. 6.7 x 6.1 x 3.5 m.

These were two stator casings for electrical machines which, after the assembly as electrical brakes, will be used for building the station for acceptance tests under loading of very large marine wind power plants, which will be manufactured for marine wind parks installed at the North Sea.

For these wind power plants assembled at the sea to be tested, secure and reliable during operation, prior to their assembly and installation at the sea, they must be tested on shore first. For this purpose the built testing station, with two powerful electrical brakes, whose the stators were executed in EXPOM S.A. as welded steel structures, will be used.

This massive and extremely difficult task was performed successfully and on time owing to good production organization, the application of own execution technology (mainly assembly and welding) and owing to the use of process instrumentation, constructed and executed by EXPOM in its own scope.

Transport of such big elements to the Client was not possible as a whole. Therefore, it was divided into two parts and sent separately on trucks. These halves will be then united and welded at the recipient's plant, where machining will be performed as well.

EXPOM, due to the positive assessment of the quality of these structures' execution during their acceptance by the recipient's representative in EXPOM, prior to their dispatch to the client, as well as after the performance of machining at the client's, may count on the next orders for the execution of very big and heavy welded structures of this kind.

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