Expom with a new overseas customer

Expom S.A., specialized in the production of highly processed final maritime, offshore, and energy products expands its portfolio with a new customer from the US.

The company from the small village of Kurzetnik, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, will manufacture big steel constructions to meet the needs of its American customer.

- We are pleased with the new possibilities arising from our expansion to the demanding US market. We hope that the cooperation will be an actively developing one – says the President of the Expom S.A Management Board, Rafał Domżalski.

Nearly 98 per cent of the company’s production is ordered by its foreign partners. So far, Expom’s products have been exported mainly to Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, Singapore, and Australia.

Expom has executed many venturesome projects such as compact lifeboat davits and heavy cranes for drilling platforms – technologically advanced, as they are equipped with hydraulic and electric outfitting. Expom engineers also build machinery for the gas-oil and energy industry, for example constructions of electrical stators, power generators, and biomass combustion plants. 

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The President of Expom Receives a Distinction: Cross of Merit for Rafał Domżalski

During the last celebratory session of the Kurzetnik Municipal Council, which took place on November 7th, Bronze Crosses of Merit were awarded to persons who made outstanding contributions to the successful development of the local community – social activists, sports activists, and persons supporting entrepreneurship. Rafał Domżalski, the President of the Expom Management Board, was one the persons awarded with this state decoration.

Bronze Crosses of Merit were personally handed out by the Secretary of State from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Piotr Żuchowski. This decoration has been awarded since 1923 to citizens who went beyond the call of duty in their work for society, sports, and entrepreneurship. The President of the Expom Management Board, Rafał Domżalski, was decorated with the Bronze Cross of Merit for promoting entrepreneurship. During his short speech, President Domżalski emphasized the importance of activities that support economic development on behalf of entrepreneurs from Nowe Miasto Lubawskie. This extraordinary distinction constitutes a success for both the President and employees of Expom.

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Przedstawiciele Expom S.A., firmy z branży metalowej, uczestniczyli w Światowych Targach Kooperacji Przemysłowej MIDEST odbywających się w dniach 19-22 listopada w Paryżu. Są to największe na świecie targi podwykonawstwa. Wystawia się na nich ponad 1700 firm przybyłych z 50 krajów. Stoisko EXPOM S.A. było zorganizowane jako wspólne dla grupy 20 przedsiębiorstw polskich. Organizatorem wyjazdu była Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych w ramach pomocy „de minimis” z Programu Rozwoju Polski Wschodniej. Ogółem na MIDEST 2013 swoje stoiska wystawiły 34 firmy z Polski.

„W czasie targów prezentowaliśmy możliwości produkcyjne Spółki zarówno poprzez rozmaite nośniki reklamowe, jak i w czasie osobistych rozmów z potencjalnymi klientami.” – opisuje Rafał Domżalski, dyrektor generalny, techniczny i członek zarządu Expom S.A.– „Ogółem nawiązaliśmy ponad 20 kontaktów biznesowych. Niektóre z nich zostały rozwinięte dalej, pozostałe są obecnie na etapie korespondencji potargowej.” – dodaje Domżalski.Ofertą Expom S.A. zainteresowało się kilku potencjalnych kontrahentów. Firma ze Szwajcarii złożyła zapytanie na wykonanie pewnego zlecenia, przedstawiciel tureckiego producenta stali przekazał swoją ofertę, a Huta  ze Stalowej Woli złożyła ofertę dostaw wypałek pod produkcję.Ekspozycja  Expom S.A spotkała się także  z zainteresowaniem przedstawicieli innych imprez targowych podobnego rodzaju. Należą do nich targi SUBCON w Birmingham, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, a nawet  targi Reed Exhibition Japan w Tokio, na które Spółka otrzymała zaproszenie.

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Expom SA is sending another crane to Scandinavia

Expom SA, seated near Olsztyn, does not rest on its laurels and it successively fulfils orders from various corners of the world. The latest challenge that the engineers from Kurzętnik have had to face is the production of an articulated offshore crane Knuckleboom with the lifting capacity of 10 tons at the order of a customer from Denmark.

A 16-ton crane Knuckleboom has an arm with the length of 13 meters and characteristic two-part structure. Owing to this, it has bigger manoeuvre possibilities and it may significantly improve the transport of cargo. The crane is equipped with electric, electronic and hydraulic systems, which ensures reliability of operation even in extreme conditions.

The equipment was subject to specialist dynamic and static tests as per the acceptance procedure and under the supervision of the Shipping Classification Association (DNV). Upon obtaining appropriate certificates, the crane will be delivered to the client with complete qualitative and acceptance documentation. In the future it will be mainly used for reloading of materials on ships and drilling rigs worldwide.

Expom specializes in the production of large-dimension steel structures and one of the flagship products of the company is davits and marine cranes equipped with hydraulic power systems and electrical systems. The company fulfils orders, the final recipients of which are clients from Singapore, Australia, China, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries.

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EXPOM SA flows out to international seas

Expom SA – the company from Kurzetnik, a village located in north-eastern Poland, boldly enters the international markets of offshore & marine, energy, and big steel construction industries. Currently, more than 90 percent of its production is exported to places like Scandinavia, Dubai and the US. The company’s results prove that geographical conditions do not bar its development. Therefore, it may become a leading player within its field.

The seemingly ordinary plant in Kurzetnik harbours state-of-art machinery as well as a technological and construction office. Although it is located over 150 km from the marine zone it is here, on a surface of 6500 square metres, where innovative projects are being created. The projects include highly processed final offshore and marine products– compact lifeboat davits and heavy cranes for drilling platforms – technologically advanced, as they are equipped with hydraulic and electric outfitting. Expom engineers also build machinery for the gas-oil and energy industry, for example constructions of electrical stators, power generators, and biomass combustion plants. These products are exported from Poland to Singapore, Australia, China, the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries.

How did it happen that the Municipal Machinery Centre established in 1952 is now one of the fastest developing companies of this industry in Poland? The business has adopted an innovative approach towards the market, which is evident in the challenges and ambitious projects it has undertaken. In 1982 the company built a prototype of the WE-8 wind turbine and steel constructions constituting equipment for a nuclear power plant built at that time in Poland.

In 1991 the centre turned into a private company and changed its name to Expom. 2008 indicated the forthcoming changes – the first in the company’s history robotized welding station was put into operation and the first lifeboat davit equipped with hydraulic and electric outfitting project was developed. However, the most important changes in the company took place in 2012 with the changing of the Management Board, which, together with the Supervisory Board, started to watch over the company’s finances. After the change the business started a restructuring process consisting in management changes, organisation of processes, strengthened cooperation, and optimisation of employment.

The most dynamic period of the company’s development is associated with the promotion of Rafał Domżalski, current President of the Management Board, to the position of CEO. It was this young engineer who pushed Expom in new directions. Today, after two years under his management, employees describe him as consequential, ambitious, adamant, and hard-working. He firmly believes in the need to invest in the newest technologies and in employees. That is why since 2012 to the present Expom has been focused on intensive development. Inefficient systems were replaced by state-of-art, more effective and ecological solutions. Machinery includes the most modern equipment for design, production, and testing – for example the Wotan Rapid 5 specialised boring machine and FRORIEP turning lathe. These changes increased the possibilities of the company in the field of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, important in particular in the production process of big steel constructions. Recently, the machinery was supplied by an overhead 20t crane that increases transport capacity in the production hall of large machine tools to the maximum load of 30 tons. The company has also developed a state-of-art technological and construction office offering 3D modelling services that enable execution of assigned projects as well as analysis and structural changes in projects commissioned by customers. Much significance lies with the fact that each product leaves Expom after thorough tests and certification supervised by international units such as DNV and ABS.

In total, the company’s infrastructure investment cost 800,000 EUR in 2013 and 230,000 EUR in the first half of 2014. All that to create a competitive offer for international counterparties, especially those in the energy and offshore industries. While Expom has been recognized as a big welded constructions manufacturing company for many years, development of production for the needs of the marine industry is the company’s plan for the nearest future. President Domżalski approaches the project with great ambition because in 2008 he was the first person in the company to undertake the task of technology implementation and design development of lifeboat davits equipped with hydraulic and electric outfitting. So far, the company has a number of spectacular developments to its name in this area – for example the 50-ton HSC 700 crane developed and exported to Dubai or 42 lifeboat davits exported to Scandinavia, Asia, Cameroon, and other locations. The scale of these productions is spectacular – the largest designs of Polish engineers weighted even 52 tons and were divided due to transport size limits.

Such dynamic development of the company would not be possible without qualified employees. Expom is one of the most significant employers in a small village of Kurzetnik and employs, in the plant, almost 150 people, including 20 top-class engineers. An additional 100 people cooperate closely with the company. The company appreciates employees with the longest period of service because their experience constitutes great potential. In order to make them more comfortable with new market conditions, the company invests in training them. On the initiative of the Management Board, the company established the Expom Academy – unit responsible for training employees of different levels. Due to these trainings, which cost over 160,000 PLN within the last two years, 60 percent of employees improved their qualifications. In order to encourage young people to stay in their hometown, Expom supports local initiatives addressed to young people who might someday join the company’s team.

All these initiatives are reflected in better and promising financial performance for the company. The company’s yearly turnover currently exceeds 10 million EUR. In 2013 the company noted a five times higher profit than in the previous year. With export-oriented production (over 90 percent) and a growing portfolio of customers, the company surely strives for more.

Most important facts:

  • 5 production halls with a total area of 6500 m2,
  • Number of employees: over 250, with 150 working at the company’s premises and 100 in close cooperation,
  • Turnover: 10,000,000 EUR,
  • Infrastructure investments: 800,000 EUR (2013), 230,000 EUR (2014),
  • Investments in employees: over 60% of trained employees,
  • Double sales growth from January 2013 to December 2013,
  • Five times higher profit than in 2012,
  • Export of heavy sea cranes and lifeboat davits to Singapore, Australia, China, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Germany,
  • The largest project: 50-ton HSC 700 crane exported to Dubaj.
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Expom SA inwestuje w młodzież

Spółka z Kurzętnika notuje dynamiczny rozwój. Portfel klientów zainteresowanych usługami dla branży morskiej, energetycznej czy konstrukcyjnej jest coraz bogatszy. Tym bardziej cieszy fakt, że firma dba nie tylko o swą kondycję finansową, ale także intensywnie wspiera społeczność lokalną

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Expom S.A., firma z branży metalowej, osiągnęła rekordowe wyniki finansowe. We wrześniu spółka odnotowała zysk netto na poziomie 400 tys. zł, co udało się jej po raz pierwszy od ponad 22 lat działalności. Już teraz można założyć, że roczny zysk netto Expom S.A. będzie najwyższym w historii. Natomiast dwa podpisane niedawno kontrakty zapewnią firmie znaczące przychody również w roku następnym. Rezultat uzyskany we wrześniu jest najlepszym miesięcznym wynikiem odnotowanym od ponad 22 lat. Został on osiągnięty przy podobnym poziomie sprzedaży, co w poprzednich miesiącach. Tendencja wzrostowa, której od kilku miesięcy podlegają wyniki finansowe spółki pozwala spodziewać się satysfakcjonującego rezultatu finansowego również na koniec roku. 
W październiku spółka podpisała z jedna z europejskich, renomowanych firm kontrakt na wykonanie konstrukcji do portowych dźwigów kontenerowych opiewające na 1,6 mln EUR. W listopadzie firma podpisała kontrakt na wykonanie dwóch maszyn, które będą wykorzystane w projekcie badawczym prowadzonym przez rząd Niemiecki mającym na celu sprawdzenie do jakiej mocy turbiny mogą być montowane na wieżach elektrowni wiatrowych. Expom S.A. wykona 2 sztuki największych stojanów w historii ważące 51 ton. 

„Dobre rezultaty i nowe kontrakty zawdzięczany zmianie strategii, którą wprowadziliśmy na początku bieżącego roku.” – komentuje Rafał Domżalski, dyrektor generalny, techniczny i członek zarządu Expom S.A.– „Zredukowaliśmy niepotrzebne koszty, poczyniliśmy znaczące inwestycje w infrastrukturę produkcyjną i zaczęliśmy w większej mierze korzystać z usług podwykonawców w przypadku mniej wymagających zleceń lub ich elementów. Dzięki temu możemy skupić się na pozyskiwaniu nowych zleceń w perspektywicznych i dochodowych branżach, na które postawiliśmy.” – dodaje Domżalski. 

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