Offshore and marine equipment - Davits and Cranes

Offshore and marine equipment

In times of dynamic technological development, demand for offshore and marine equipment is increasing.

To meet this demand the company made use of its long experience in the building of steel constructions and specialised itself in the production of compact and machine lifeboat davits, heavy cranes for drilling platforms and turning davits for offshore wind farms. We manage this production comprehensively – starting with co-designing and fulfilment of orders pursuant to specifications and ending with testing.

Offshore and marine equipment manufactured at Expom serves as equipment for vessels, offshore platforms, and other offshore machinery. The largest ones that were manufactured in our plant were equipped with booms measuring 32 metres and having a lift capacity of 12.5 tons.

Davits and cranes

Davits and cranes, which are crucial in our production, greatly increase the reloading capacity of vessels and occupational safety by bearing responsibility for launching lifeboats. Our davits and cranes meet SWL (Safety Work Load) parameters, which determine permissible loading capacity of equipment thus ensuring its safe use. Expom manufactures single boom lifeboat davits with a lift capacity of 1300-5000 kg SWL and double boom davits with a lift capacity of 6000 - 23000 kg SWL.