Stability and safety

Work in Expom S.A. guarantees a safe tomorrow and certain future. Our employees receive a benefits package including different kinds of support - from the possibility to spend holidays in Expom summer houses to financial support in difficult life situations.

Children of Expom employees can enjoy special privileges and attractions, among others: annual trips on Children's Day, Christmas gifts and art competitions with attractive prizes. The company also has Baby Team - support in the form of a layette for newly made parents.

Support programs

Innovative Expom - is an initiative providing employees with the opportunity to propose changes and improvements in the company by putting a short form in the Ideas Box. The best concepts are implemented and awarded with financial prizes.

Expom cares about health - is a project which allows Expom employees to apply for co-financing of their sports passions. It does not matter if you play tennis, handball or if you train karate - if you need financial support for sports equipment or participation in a competition, as Expom employee you will certainly get it.

Expom Recruitment - the idea of the recruitment program is to find potential candidates for work among friends, the family of people currently employed, this is an additional opportunity to get involved in the life of our company. Each Expom employee has the opportunity to receive a bonus for positive recruitment of a recommended candidate for current vacancies in the company.

Expom Baby Team - Support in the form of vouchers worth PLN 500 for the purchase of a layette in a selected children's store for parents 

EXPOM + Family - program under which every employee of Expom and one member of their family receive a discount card entitling the holder to enjoy discounts in stores and service points belonging to local entrepreneurs, in the so called Partner Points. As part of this program, there are also Days of the Commune of Kurzętnik and Expom S.A. which is an annual outdoor event integrating Expom employees, their families and residents of the Kurzętnik commune in which the Company is based. During the picnic there are competitions for employees and their children. It is also an opportunity to have fun with the music and a tasty treat.

List of Partner Points in Expom + Family program

Environment stimulating development

In Expom you can use your potential and climb the career path. International environment provides multiple opportunities - we do not limit our employees but rather stimulate them and encourage their further development. For that purpose the Expom Academy was established, for which the company allocated 300 thousand PLN since 2012. Trainings are provided to employees of all levels as well as external employees.

The Training Workshop functioning as part of the company has already provided professional education to over 200 persons. Middle school students undertaking training in Expom learn a specific profession which guarantees a secure job - very often in Expom! Training Workshop graduates constitute approx. 40% of our current employees.

Technological and construction department of Expom is a chance for those who link their future with specialist professions of an engineer, technologist, structural engineer, IT specialist or a programmer. Skillful and creative employees will certainly find a place at our company.