Hydraulic systems

We make systems of power hydraulics intended for hydraulic drives of maritime and offshore hoisting devices. These are systems containing hydraulic engines, servomotors, pumps, batteries and connection systems for hydraulic ducts, pre­­ssure pipes.

Every hydraulic system is also equipped with pressure control and measurement apparatus operating on the basis of association of the working pressure system with electronic system. Hydraulic systems work at the application of hydraulic oil with the working pressure of even up to 400 bars.

Owing to maritime and offshore intended use of these systems, they are made of materials meant especially for of such applications, mainly by Parker. Expom has the required position and crew trained with regard to forging hydraulic ducts. Every duct is subjected to a pre­­ssure test in accordance with valid standards. Tightness test covers 100% of pressure ducts, connections and oil tanks.

Ready hydraulic systems are tested along with the whole device on the test position. It is an acceptance on the basis of the so-called FAT test (Factory Acceptance Test), conducted according to the acceptance procedure and under the supervision of a classification association (DNV, ABS, RMRS and others). 

The completed hydraulic systems along with the whole device are covered by a three-year guarantee.