Expom S.A. specializes in the production of steel structures. The company provides a comprehensive production process from material purchase through welding, machining, painting, equipping and independent dynamic tests. The customer finally receives the finished product delivered to any corner of the globe.

Expom loves challenges

Expom executes orders for such demanding industries as: offshore and marine, machine, gas and oil, power and renewable energy industry. The company personnel’s long experience as well as highly-qualified engineers and engineering and design department enable comprehensive project implementation, in line with international quality and safety standards.

From the initial concept to the end product

Expom’s whole production process is subject to strict control and steep quality requirements in line with ISO 9001. The production of each steel structure starts from the order acceptance and analysis, carried out by the engineering and design department.

Steel elements manufactured in Expom are equipped with electrical and hydraulic systems on site – thus, each product leaving the plant is finished, ready to work and adjusted to market-specific requirements. Structures intended for use in difficult conditions are enhanced with collision avoidance and anti-corrosion systems.

Quality as an underlying standard

The final structure is tested by independent certification units and, following the customer’s acceptance, it is disassembled, repainted and prepared for shipment to different parts of the world.

For each order, the company provides 2D documentation, 3D models, machine operation simulation and FEM strength analysis. The finished Expom product is the highest-quality machinery holding international certificates of classification societies (DNV, ABS, BV, RMRS) and adapted to operate in the most demanding conditions.

Open to ambitious projects

Expom is an experienced manufacturer of large-size steel structures for numerous industries offering a wide range of products, such as:

  • Offshore and marine industry: marine and harbor davits and cranes, lifeboat davits
  • Machine industry: large-size machinery components
  • Gas and oil industry: special machines for deep foundation engineering
  • Power industry: furnaces and exchangers for large-size kilns, stators for motors and power generators
  • Renewable energy industry: small wind turbines, welded stators for wind power generators
  • Airport ground industry: vehicles for transport at the airport
  • Recycling industry: crushers, crushers

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